With Windows Phone 8 being Microsoft’s latest and greatest iteration of their mobile operating system, we’re sure that there are many WP7.x owners who are worried that Microsoft would leave their version by the wayside to focus on WP8 and the future. After all with WP7.5 devices not being eligible for upgrade to WP8, we guess we can’t blame them. Microsoft’s answer to that problem is with WP7.8, an update which is expected to be rolled out to WP7.5 devices in the near future, but with the next major WP iteration expected for 2013 (we’re assuming Microsoft is making major updates on a yearly basis like Android and iOS), what will happen to WP7.8 owners?

Well it seems that Microsoft has plans for WP7.8 and if you thought it was merely to satisfy WP7.5 owners for the time-being, you could be wrong. According to corporate vice president of the Windows Phone division, Terry Myerson (via TechRadar), he has revealed that Microsoft expects WP7.8 to exist for quite a while. We’re not sure how long is “a while”, but it seems that WP7.8 is expected to be the lower-end of WP devices, which means that Microsoft and their OEM partners will create WP7.8 devices with lower price points in order to get the Windows Phone platform into as many hands as possible.

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