Is Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform truly a better operating system compared to the competition? While that’s certainly up for debate, Microsoft has tried to quantify that in the past through its “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge in which they would challenge phones running on other platforms to see if it could perform certain tasks faster than Windows Phone. Well now it looks like the Redmond company is back with a new challenge and it is called “Meet Your Match”.

Unlike Microsoft’s previous “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge, “Meet Your Match” will differ in the sense that rather than talk about performance, the focus will be on “why it’s better, easier, more useful, and more fun. The soul of Smoked – a side-by-side comparison of us vs. the other guys – hasn’t changed, but now it’s about why our phones and features are a better match for you, no matter who you are or what you’re into.” This new campaign is expected to take place all around the world, and it will also be held in Microsoft retail outlets in the US, UK, France and Germany. In the meantime you can check out “Meet Your Match” in the video above.

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