The Financial Times has reported that Microsoft is knee deep in talks with commercial landlords in the UK to rent space so that they can embark on a journey in the Old World – that is, to open up the doors of its first stores outside of the US. It seems that the software giant, most famous for the Windows operating system, is oozing with confidence that the first outlets in Europe can be opened during 2013, and this comes while there is an internal review concerning their US stores hanging in the air. It seems that the internal review will go through the performance of their US-based stores, citing the best working models before being implemented across the pond.

Makes perfect sense, no? After all, one should always look back at the past to see what can be improved upon before embarking upon the future. It seems that having more retail outlets is one of the ways to reverse a negative mindshare trend that consumers seem to have concerning Microsoft. Flagship stores do seem to do their bit to help folks experience the Microsoft ecosystem, somewhat like how Apple Stores have successfully made their mark worldwide.

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