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On this election day, many feel “liberated” that they have finally been able to cast their vote, but also that the campaign is over.  In the excitation of the moment, many people snap a shot of their vote and post it on social networks. There are many motivations for doing so, but you should know that in certain places, this is actually illegal. For example some states prohibit the usage of photographic equipment in polling places. AllthingsD lists “Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada and Texas” as such states.

It gets worse: in some places, posting ballots to a public place can be considered to be “election fraud”, which is a felony (admittedly a weird one), but that’s the law that is in place now. It’s not clear if those rules would be enforced or not, but if the election is as tight as the polls show – anything is possible, so if you want your vote to count, be safe and be mindful about the local laws and regulations. Check more tips to stay out of trouble from Happy voting!

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