We personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with Samsung’s brand image – after all with the Galaxy S3’s sales surpassing 30 million and the Galaxy Note 2 having sold over 3 million a little over a month after its launch, there’s definitely something that Samsung is doing right. That being said, a report from Channel News has suggested that Samsung will be undergoing a major brand transformation with a new logo and a new look to go along with it. Word has it that Samsung has even hired Scott Bedbury whose credentials list both Nike and Starbucks among others.

Advertising will be taking a lifestyle route, similar to what Nike is doing, at least that’s what the rumors are saying. We guess we will have to wait and see if they come true. What do you guys think? We guess even though an image might be working for a company, a shakeup once in a while might be needed to keep things fresh and interesting. Until then we suggest you take this with a grain of salt and check back with us down the road to see if we have any more updates for you guys!

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