It’s weird that as Facebook introduces retail Facebook post sponsorship that they changed the algorithm (Edgerank) that controls who sees your statuses. Like Google’s SEO, Facebook Optimization is a big deal for people trying to spread messages to as many people as possible. Here’s a tip about a phenomenon I’ve personally noticed: text-only posts show up on way more news feeds that statuses that include a link or a picture. Of course, people don’t usually pass text-only statuses around; you have the best chance to go viral with a post with substance, so it’s a catch-22.

Kevin Mullet did a little experiment. He shared two statuses from a minor league hockey team. One had a picture, one didn’t. What he found is that the text-only post was seen more “organically” (read: Facebook decided to put it on people’s news feed) but the post with a photo had more “viral” reach, including 15 shares. Something to keep in mind next time you want to share something.

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