If the dubstep genre of music is your thing and the artist Skrillex is one of your favorite dubstep artists, then you might be interested in this game dubbed the Skrillex Quest, which seems to be some kind of mashup between Zelda and Sword & Sorcery. Basically the premise of the game is where a speck of dust gets into the game cartridge and wrecks havoc within the game itself, and in order to save the game, you will have to battle dust particles and the likes. Put together by Jason Oda, the game’s soundtrack makes use of Skrillex’s music, with the dubstep genre being rather appropriate considering the various stutters one encounters due to the dust invading the game. It’s surprisingly entertaining so if you don’t mind giving it a go, it is playable for free within your browser – just head on over to its website for more info!

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