Assuming you have been holding out for a spanking new smartphone all this while, but have yet to take the plunge simply because you believe that there is a better deal right up the horizon, here we are with a leak on an upcoming T-Mobile sale that will involve none other than Samsung devices. T-Mobile did confirm many of the details of this particular sale when they made announcements late yesterday, including the number of handsets that will be available without having you to fork out a single cent, other than to sign on for a contract. If you have been hankering after a juicy Samsung Galaxy S3 all this while, then you will be pleased to know that this offer will even extend to this smartphone.

During the sale that starts from November 16th and ends a day after that, once the relevant rebates have been applied, the Galaxy Note 2 will cost you a mere $200, which is nearly 50% off the $370 list price. Unfortunately, there are no good deals all the way, as the 32GB Galaxy S3 will cost $200 after applying all the relevant rebates.

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