At this point in time we’re not sure if smart light bulbs are indeed the way to furnish our homes in the future, but if you think that there’s a use for them and wouldn’t mind installing some in your home, the iLumi is one of the few smart LED light bulbs in the market that you might be interested in having a look at. It is currently an Indiegogo project which means it is still seeking funding before it actually launches, so if you wouldn’t mind contributing you can head on over to its page where they are hoping to raise $100,000 in 35 days.

So what exactly is the iLumi? Like we mentioned earlier, it is a smart LED light bulb and by smart, we mean that it can be controlled using your smartphone and while it seems more expensive than your regular light bulb, the fact that it does more than just illuminate may be able to justify its price. Users will be able to adjust the bulb’s brightness and color combinations via an app on Android or iOS, and it will also feature proximity recognition which basically turns it on when you enter a room, and if you were so inclined, you could even make it change color or blink when you receive a notification on your phone!

The iLumi will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth which sets it apart from other smart bulbs that rely on a home WiFi network, and since it uses the Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE connectivity, it could also mean lower energy consumption. The price starts at $59 which might make it a bit expensive to furnish your entire house with it, but with an expected lifespan of 20 years, you might end up saving money in the long run.

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