If you’ve ever played the guitar, you might be familiar with the whammy bar. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s basically a bar that sits on the bridge of the guitar that when pressed down or pulled up, will cause the guitar’s sounds to change and create a vibrating-like effect that guitarists use for texture and to enhance their solos.

It seems that Sony wants to take this concept but apply it to all kinds of instruments, and this will come in the form of a gadget called Motion Sonic. This is a wearable that you wear on your wrist that will allow musicians to warp the sound of their instruments through a variety of motions and gestures.

In the demo above, it shows how a DJ can add effects like delay to their mixes just by moving their hands about in certain ways. There are even built-in LEDs so that you can add a bit of spice to your performance if you want. It is wireless and oddly enough despite it being made by Sony, seems to be exclusive to iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Sony has currently launched the Motion Sonic on Indiegogo where they’re trying to raise funds to make it a reality, so if you’re interested, you can head on over to its Indiegogo page and pledge your support where a pledge of ~$218 (early bird pricing) will nab you the device upon successful funding and production.

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