While some might argue that screen protectors aren’t necessary, especially since our smartphones these days come with pretty durable glass, we guess it might be a habit from back in the day, that and probably because most of us are trying to keep our devices as pristine as possible. After all, with screen protectors costing maybe $10-$20, it’s not that expensive of an investment. However if you are willing to spend, Seidio has unveiled a new screen protector for the iPad called the VITREO and it will set you back a hefty $69.95.

Why so expensive? Well unlike regular screen protectors which appear to be made from a plastic film of sorts, the VITREO is actually made from a tempered sheet of glass, which means that when placed on your iPad, you will be touching glass instead of plastic. The glass itself has a rating of 9H which means it should be able to withstand scratches and drops. The drawback is that it measures 0.55mm which means that it won’t be as thin as your regular screen protector.

Screen protectors made from glass aren’t new – in fact another company by the name of Spigen has made screen protectors out of glass for the iPhone, but we guess if you wanted something for your iPad, then perhaps the VITREO might be worth taking a look at. Any takers?

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