NFC in smartphones has a lot of possibilities, such as file transfers and allowing the phone to be used as a smart wallet. Unfortunately these particular features have yet to catch on in a big way, but Sony is hoping to change that by drawing attention to the NFC feature on their Xperia T Android smartphone. As some of you guys might have surmised by now, the Xperia T comes with NFC built into the device, and Sony is looking to capitalize on that feature through a rather interesting campaign dubbed the Xperia Face Off. Basically what they have done is they have equipped remote controlled cars with the Xperia T in them, and give participants the opportunity to race these cars around an obstacle course filled with NFC devices. The goal is for players to transfer their Facebook profile photos onto as many of these NFC devices as they can within a 2 minute time frame. Unfortunately it seems that this particular campaign is available only to those in the UK as the race will be held in London, but more information can be found on Sony Mobile’s website.

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