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Your iPhone's NFC Chip May Soon Let You Unlock Doors
There’s not much that you can do with the NFC chip in your iPhone currently aside from making purchases through Apple Pay. However, if a new report is to be believed, Apple will soon let users do much more with the NFC chip inside their iPhones. For example, it may allow users to unlock doors through the near-field communication chip.

Wells Fargo ATMs Get Support For Apple Pay, Android Pay, And Samsung Pay
Wells Fargo today announced that its debit card customers can now use its more than 5,000 ATMs across the country without actually having their card on them. That’s because the company’s ATMs now have support for leading tap and pay mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. This NFC functionality will be offered on over 5,000 ATMs in the United States.

WRIXO Secure Medical Band Provides Life-Saving Information
When a medical emergency happens, one thing is certain: time is a precious commodity. That is even truer when the patient is unconscious and not able to provide critically information about their current and past medical issues that could interfere with the outcome of the present emergency. WRIXO aims to solve this issue, without creating new privacy loopholes.

Samsung Leads Mobile Printing Market With New NFC Printer
Samsung of South Korea has certainly come up with its fair amount of consumer electronics devices in the past, and they certainly do not look as though they are about to stop. Samsung is right now taking the lead in the mobile printing market, and they are also a leader in the realm of NFC technology where printing is concerned, resulting in a simpler mobile printing solution. In other words, […]


Rémy Martin Embeds NFC Chips In Its Bottles To Prove Authenticity
Unless you’re a connoisseur of cognac or have had a lot of experience drinking it in the past, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a bottle of the real stuff, versus the cheap stuff that someone is trying to pass off as an expensive bottle of the drink. Well it seems that cognac maker Rémy Martin doesn’t want its name tarnished, so much so that they […]

one2TOUCH’s Keyboard For Smartphones Never Needs To Be Recharged
It makes sense for users to buy keyboard covers for tablets, but for smartphones? That just seems like unnecessary bulk, right? Well we suppose there are some who might argue that such keyboards are handy and if you like the idea of an external smartphone keyboard, perhaps the one2TOUCH Flipcover keyboard might be of interest to you.The folks at Geeky have recently managed to get a hands-on with the device […]

Implanted NFCs Could Be The Future
Implants – these are extremely useful in helping prolong and improve the quality of life of someone. The thing is, they can prove to be rather costly. Some implants can control high blood pressure without the need for drugs, while others like brain implants claim to restore one’s memories, or an eye implant that might lead to more effective glaucoma treatments. How about implanting a tiny NFC chip within your […]

VivaLnk Unveils eSkin Thermometer Wearable
Last year VivaLnk unveiled a digital tattoo in which users would be able to unlock their Moto X handset with. Safe to say that company’s technology has a lot of potential and during CES 2015, the company took the wraps off an eSkin Thermometer. The concept is similar to that of the digital tattoo, which is that users will be able to stick the eSkin Thermometer on their bodies.The sticker […]

MIT Modifies NFC Tags To Detect Harmful Gases
Most of us assume that our supermarkets will never sell us food that has gone bad, and for the most part this seems to be true. While some fruits, vegetables, and meats might not be as fresh as we would like if we were to go to the source like a butchers or farmer’s market, they are in relatively good condition.However once in a while we do get a bad […]

Man Implants NFC Chip Into His Hand
Right now we can use our phones with NFC to make mobile payments. However what if you could do away with the phone and use your own body to make payments with? Imagine being able to go up to a counter, tap your hand against the terminal and have it automatically charged to your credit/debit card.While that is an interesting idea, one man has actually taken that idea and made […]

iPhone 6's NFC Chip Will Be Off-Limits To Third Party Developers
Prior to the iPhone 6 being announced, there were rumors that Apple could finally integrate NFC technology into the phone. The technology is said to help Apple facilitate Apple Pay payments, and while Apple Pay was officially unveiled, Apple didn’t exactly share the details of the technology behind it, at least until now.An Apple spokeswoman has recently gotten in touch with the folks at Cult of Mac and has confirmed […]

Is Apple Pay Safer Than Credit Cards?
Not a week goes by without a major computer hacking happening where thousands if not millions of customer records are stolen or accessed. In this context, it can be queasy to switch to an electronic form of payment like Apple Pay which seems to virtualize our credit cards. Would this make it easier to breach or steal? Some people are asking this very legitimate question, so here’s my stab at […]

Apple Could Introduce Rewards Program With Mobile Payments Service
Rumor has it that Apple is working on a mobile payments service of their own that is expected to debut at Apple’s 9th of September event alongside the iPhone 6. Given that there are a few mobile payments services around at the moment, why should retailers and consumers use Apple’s service in favor of others?Well according to a report from Bank Innovation, perhaps a reward program could be the way […]

Apple To Use Tokenization Technology To Secure Mobile Payments [Rumor]
With the upcoming iPhone 6, Apple is said to be debuting a new mobile payments service that will take advantage of NFC technology to help facilitate the payments. Sounds good and straightforward, right? So what about security? What’s to stop a thief from intercepting your credit card details as you tap your phone against the scanner?Well according to a report from Bank Innovation, Apple’s answer to that potential security issue […]