Will.i.am iPhone Camera Detailed Further

Remember just a few days ago, we were talking about how Will.i.am intends to turn your smartphone, the iPhone in particular, into a “genius phone”? Well, that ambition does not mean that your iPhone is about to be transformed into a mobile supercomputer, but rather, “genius phone” here would include snapping some really snazzy photos with the iPhone’s already above average built-in camera. Apparently, here we are with additional details on what the Will.i.am camera add-ons are like.

There will be a couple of models, where the contemporary version known as C.4 will retail for £199 a pop, while the vintage version, or the V.4, will cost a heftier £299. Too bad for you iPhone 5 owners, you are unable to take advantage of what Will.i.am has in store, since these will only play nice with the iPhone 4/4S. Good thing that the more advanced C.5/V.5 models will cater to the iPhone 5, but that will arrive sometime next year. Still, the £200 asking price at the bare minimum does sound rather crazy for an accessory!

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