So you think that the phone which you hold in your hand is smart? Well, entrepreneurial entertainer thinks so, but he also figured out that life could be a whole lot better by transforming smartphones into, in his own words, ‘genius phones’. This is his new plan for a range of consumer electronics as well as app venture which is simply known as In fact, it is just next week when we will be privy to the global launch of his iPhone hardware that he touts will be able to transform the humble smartphone into a genius phone.

The maiden device from this consumer electronics and app range known as is actually accessory which can be clipped onto an iPhone, where it will transform the 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone into a 14-megapixel shooter, and claims it will dramatically enhance not only the clarity but definition of your photographs. mentioned to The Daily Telegraph, “We have our own sensor and a better flash. You dock you phone into our device and it turns you smartphone into a genius-phone. We take over the camera.”

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