While the keyboard’s responsiveness and predictability on an on-screen keyboard is extremely important on our smartphones, safe to say that they cannot be compared to actual physical keyboards for comfort. That’s probably why there are keyboard cases out there to cater for smartphone/tablet owners who need to type a lot and need the comfort, speed and accuracy of a physical keyboard. That being said, we it seems that a mother of three from South London has managed to land herself a publishing deal after writing up an entire book using only her Blackberry smartphone.

Georgina Campbell claims that this was after a bet with her 14-year old daughter, and managed to write up an entire book, all 55,600 words on the Blackberry’s memopad application. The bet it seems came about after watching a movie, a movie which her daughter thought was amazing, but a movie that Campbell thought she could write a better script for. The end result is a book titled “The Kickdown Girls”, a book whose original draft spanned 200 pages and took four months to write up. We can only imagine how sore her thumbs must be, but kudos to Campbell and we wish her book all the best!

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