Apple has just received a taste of its own bitter medicine. That’s because the U.S. court has just ruled earlier today that almighty Apple is guilty of infringing three patents owned by MobileMedia Ideas. The infringed patents are said to include a call rejection patent, a patent that details a method to control call statuses, and another involving a camera display. A jury has decided that Apple “unlawfully” used MobileMedia’s technologies. Interestingly, MobileMedia Ideas is jointly owned by Nokia, Sony, and MPEG LA, a patent licensing firm based in Denver, Colorado.

The company is a patent portfolio licensor of inventions adopted by manufacturers of smart phones, mobile phones and other portable devices including personal computers, laptops, netbooks, personal media players, e-book readers, cameras and hand-held game consoles. Currently, MobileMedia owns more than 300 patents. “We’re very pleased. We think it’s justified,” said Larry Horn, the Chief Executive Officer of MobileMedia. On the other hand, Apple declined to comment on the report.

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