Apple is a hotbed for patents, and this is not surprising considering the number of innovations that they have introduced in the world of consumer electronics over the years. Well, it seems that a couple of Apple patent applications has been published by the USPTO today, where they intend to inject more “smart” into your mobile devices. The first of them is a facial recognition system which is capable of identifying people and things thanks to vector-based “faceprints” which it derived from photos, while the second would be a call waiting system that is capable of letting inbound callers know much more compared to a simple and tired repeated ringing tone that lets them know that no one has picked up their call…yet.

The image recognition patent does seem to share plenty of DNA with Apple’s current facial recognition systems that is found in iPhoto, where it can identify and tag pictures where friends and family appear after learning at the beginning on how one’s face looks like. The “Auto-recognition for noteworthy objects” patent, however, does seem to target celebrities, landmarks and famous objects, so it might just mean that the iPhone 6 or iPhone 7S could be the paparazzi’s favorite phone. There is no confirmation whether these patents will ever make their way to final hardware, but one can always keep their fingers crossed, can’t they?

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