It was just yesterday we were discussing Ken Levine’s comments concerning the ending of BioShock Infinite being something we’ve never experienced in a video game before, and today, we’re talking about the beginning of the game. The circle of life is complete, Simba.

Before we go any further, we first need to make sure you’re this tall to ride this ride, and, of course, you’re totally cool with knowing what happens in the opening segment of BioShock Infinite. Trust me when I say the video Irrational Games released today doesn’t give much away, but if you’re hoping to go into the game completely fresh, then you’ll want to sit on the sidelines while your friends enjoy the ride.

The opening segment is filled a lot of water, amazing visuals, especially considering it’s a demo from the Xbox 360 version of the game, and leaves us with a lot of questions. Why was Booker going to that island? Who were the people in the rowboat with him? When can we finally play BioShock Infinite?! Oh, right, March 2013. At least that leaves one question answered.

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