[Warning: If you have yet to complete BioShock Infinite, you should know the featured video contains a slight spoiler to a particular part of the game. It doesn’t spoil the game’s story, but it does spoil an unexpectedly scary part which will most likely make you jump when you experience it for the first time. You have been warned.]

BioShock Infinite has been on the minds of everyone for the past couple of weeks for its gorgeous, imaginative world as well as its fantastic story. But there’s one portion not many people are talking about, and that’s the sudden arrival of the Boy of Silence towards the late portions of the game.

The Boy of Silence is introduced later on in the game to add a bit of stealth to BioShock Infinite as alerting him to your presence will sound his alarm, resulting in a lot of enemies coming after you. But the one moment where the Boy of Silence suddenly pops up as you turn around probably made everyone playing jump as it was completely unexpected. Some people decided to record their reactions to this moment, which has been compiled in one video to show some of the best reactions. There are some really great scared reactions in this video, so long as you don’t mind the occasional bad word being yelled at the top of someone’s lungs.

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