BioShock Infinite was released three weeks ago with many players completely surprised by not only its story, but also at its ending. We won’t get into its story, but there is one moment in the game that was so disturbing for a player, he demanded a refund.

[Warning: Slight spoilers ahead which won’t ruin the game’s story, but it does share an early moment of the game which is necessary to enter Columbia.]

The portion of the game Breen Malmberg found offensive wasn’t one of violence, debauchery or the mistreatment of the citizens of Columbia. Instead, it’s a scene that occurs early on in the game when you first arrive to Columbia. The scene involves Booker being required to become baptized in order to enter the floating city of Columbia, which Malmberg, who is a devout Christian, found so offensive he couldn’t continue playing the game from that moment on.

Malmberg requested to be refunded for his purchase from Valve, to which the company complied with his request. He wrote the following to Valve in regards to the offense he experienced:

I cannot play it because at the very beginning of the game there is a section of the game that is so offensive to my religious beliefs that I cannot proceed with it any further. I did not know this section of the game was there and had no way of knowing it was there before-hand as it was not shown in any trailers, previews, screenshots or other marketing material.

Have you played BioShock Infinite and have felt offended by what goes on in the game? Do you feel Malmberg should have received a refund for being offended, and if so, should that mean anyone offended with the game should try to get a refund? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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