When you mention the name “Dyson”, I guess it is easy to say that for most of us folks out there, we would think of the Dyson hand dryer that more or less changed the hand dryer landscape. Apart from that, there are also many Dyson products out there for the home such as a vacuum cleaner and a bladeless fan which not only perform well, they look exquisite to boot. Well, there is a new patent filed by the folks over at Dyson which will seek to merge the functions of a sink with that of a hand dryer. In a nutshell, you need not move away from the sink to use the hand dryer or simply grab a paper towel – all can be done right there and then, which translates to less movement in the washroom, not to mention dryer and hopefully, more hygienic floors.

The dual-purpose fixture would be where the sink is, incorporating a water tap and a hand dryer simultaneously. The water tap will feature a spout that has been arranged to project over the basin of the sink, while the hand dryer sports a couple or more hand-dryer nozzles. A built-in sensor will tell when the hands are present, knowing just when your palms are open and primed for some drying goodness.

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