You know what they say – if you want to do something, do it right. Hence, the same can be said for collecting stuff (I’m not referring to hoarders here as they are an entirely different creature altogether). Here we are with a collector who has great love for video games, and he has put up his entire US Super Nintendo collection for sale at a cool $20,000, although he has an ear to listen to other offers as well. It is said that all the games in his collection will include the box, with 85% of them carrying a manual. Ah yes, game manuals, now that is definitely a lost art when you think about it. Seller “byuu” is the very same person behind the popular bsnes emulator, accumulated all the games in a time span of 3 years, in an effort to ensure that every ROM available is perfect, with every scan of the cover being accurate.

This labor of love is being sold off to help him recoup some of his losses. When you put more thought into it, $20,000 is not too large a sum to ask considering how it includes every single licensed SNES game to date, with some of them actually selling for more than $300 sans a box. Throw in the box, and you would have a far more valuable title. byuu intends to “recycle” the money received on a new quest – to accumulate every single European and Japanese SNES game for a similar purpose.

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