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Nintendo Launches SNES-Styled 3DS XL In The U.S.
Nintendo unveiled its SNES-styled 3DS XL in August this year. It came after the company launched a Super Famicon-themed New 3DS XL in Japan. This version swapped out the Famicom logo for the SNES. However, there was a caveat. Nintendo only released this device in Europe at that time. That changes today. Nintendo is now bringing its SNES-styled 3DS XL to the United States.

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Release May Become A Reality
Nintendo really hit it out of the park with the NES Classic Edition. The mini-console takes fans on a trip down memory lane, and what a trip it’s going to be, no wonder the company has sold more than 200,000 units of the NES Classic Edition in the United States alone and it still remains sold out. While Nintendo hasn’t said anything about this as yet, there’s speculation that perhaps […]

These SNES, Gameboy Cartridge Soaps Will Clean Up The Filthiest Gamers
Bath time is probably one of the most important times within a person’s day as there are a ton of benefits to cleaning yourself up on a daily basis. Bathing at least once a day ensures people don’t think you look like a slob as well as doing wonders for your skin and body odor. The problem we’re sure many of you have is the fact soap bars are extremely […]

These SNES Headphones Are Definitely Unique
Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some more flashy for the more fashion conscious, to more conservative and otherwise boring-looking models which are either priced really cheap, or cater to the audiophile who don’t really care how their headphones look like, but are more concerned about the sound. In any case for those looking for more flashy type of headphones, perhaps this modded pair of headphones might be of […]


RetroN 4 Console Will Play NES, SNES, Genesis & Gameboy Through HDMI
As much fun as I’ve been having playing Tomb Raider this week, I still like to dabble in some old-school gaming from time to time. The only issue is I tend to gravitate towards emulators since I no longer own my classic video game systems, but Hyperkin’s RetroN 4 console seems to be something I, and I’m sure many of you, would want in your old-school gaming lives.The RetroN 4 will […]

Portable SNES Mod Features 10+ Hours Of Gameplay In Shock-Proof Case
Portable gaming has become quite big recently with the release of Nintendo’s 3DS, Sony’s PS Vita and of course, with the rise in popularity of iOS and Android phones and tablets. What hasn’t exactly taken off is making full-sized consoles of yesteryear portable, but after seeing this portable SNES, it might spark a trend of making old consoles new again with the addition of portability.A modded known as robotairz on […]

SNES Emulator For Windows RT And Windows 8 Platforms
You know that a particular video game console has penciled itself into immortality when there is an emulator for it for just about every operating system out there. In fact, the SNES console has been one of Nintendo’s top sellers in the past, where it duked it out with the Sega Megadrive for a long, long time, and now we hear of the SNES emulator known as Snes8x that will […]

Full SNES Game Collection On Sale For $20,000
You know what they say – if you want to do something, do it right. Hence, the same can be said for collecting stuff (I’m not referring to hoarders here as they are an entirely different creature altogether). Here we are with a collector who has great love for video games, and he has put up his entire US Super Nintendo collection for sale at a cool $20,000, although he […]

SNES-001 does a Wii U
Remember the Wii U controller? Yes, the same video game controller that had a display embedded within, coupled with motion sensors and what-not. Well, Downing has a DIY project which is certainly worthy of mention – the SNES-001 that sees the entire SNES crammed into the form factor of a controller, not to mention a couple of controller ports and its crowning glory, a display right smack in the middle. […]

SNES controller turns Android phone into a gaming machine
If you want an Android phone with physical buttons for gaming, you can opt to purchase a phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard or a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. But if you like your current Android phone and you feel that there isn’t a need to replace it, there’s always a DIY solution to the problem – introducing the SNES Android phone.

DIY arcade cabinet for SNES
Did you ever think about converting your old SNES into an arcade gaming system? Someone out there decided that it would be a cool idea to do so and since he didn’t want to destroy the precious console, he set about creating a mini arcade cabinet to house the console inside it. Pictures of the project have already been shared online and he’s is in the midst of putting the […]

Jailbroken PS3 Gets SNES And Dreamcast Emulation
The PS3 jailbreak code that was recently released looks like it’s going to bring a frown to a Sony executive’s face today. You can be sure that running an emulator console from its competitors isn’t something they wanted the PS3 to be able to do when they designed it. Take a gander at the picture above, and you’ll notice that the snes9x and NullDC emulators have been successfully ported to […]

Hyperkin RetroN 3 Allows You To Game With Your Old NES, Genesis And Super Nintendo Cartridges Again
Is your old gaming console trashed, but the games still work? If you’re nostalgic and want to play those games again without having to resort to an emulator, the folks over at Hyperkin might have something that would interest you – the RetroN 3. This gaming console supports games from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, all in one handy package. If you still have […]

USB SNES Controller With Accelerometer
Want to get a little nostalgic while gaming, but also want to keep in touch with the latest tech? You could always rig a SNES controller to your computer via USB connection, but to make it seem cool, you can still hook up an accelerometer to the controller, adding a little bit more fun to your gaming sessions. The controller here has been programmed to play Portal, and you can […]

Old Stadium Events NES Game Sells For $41300 On eBay
Maybe the next time the missus decides to trash all your old gaming systems in the house you might want to quickly run through the value of the items that are to be disposed. Dave from Kansas got a rather cool deal when he noticed that someone auctioned off a copy of Stadium Events for $13,000, and remembering that he had a copy of it still factory sealed in his […]

SNES cart holds hard drive
What better way to recycle old and unwanted video game cartridges than to tear their innards out and replace it with something else? That’s what the Super Mario World SNES cartridge experienced, holding a hard drive within that hooks up to a nearby notebook or desktop via USB connectivity. Depending on your budget (prices start from $140 upwards), you can choose from a 320GB or 640GB model. Interestingly enough, you […]

Nokia Busted For N900 SNES Emulator
Nokia’s certainly putting a lot of effort into promoting its N900, but it seems that it might have gone a step too far with its latest video (which has since be yanked off YouTube). It was boasting that the N900 could run emulators and showed it running SNES emulators, which is fine, but the problem is that they showcased a video of Super Mario World and Super Ghouls and Ghosts […]

Nintendo SNES Portable
Check out this DIY mod that will definitely move you to ask, “How much?” The Nintendo SNES Portable will see Nintendo’s SNES console outfitted with buttons from a discarded (but working) PSOne controller alongside a really detailed skinning job. Definitely one that will bring back pleasant memories of yore during the summer holidays where Zelda was all you looked forward to, forsaking other summer events like the Superbowl and baseball […]