Bath time is probably one of the most important times within a person’s day as there are a ton of benefits to cleaning yourself up on a daily basis. Bathing at least once a day ensures people don’t think you look like a slob as well as doing wonders for your skin and body odor. The problem we’re sure many of you have is the fact soap bars are extremely boring, but a U.K. company is looking to reinvigorate bath time with its line of video-game inspired soaps.

Firebox has created soaps that look identical to Nintendo and Super Nintendo video game cartridges. The amount of detail that goes into these soaps is amazing as the color, shapes and even the cover art for the cartridge have been accurately replicated. We’re not entirely sure how Firebox created these soaps so accurately to the original material, but we’re certainly glad they did.

If you’re interested in spicing up your bath time, or at least treating guests to an interesting hand soap, can purchase SNES soaps for around $21, while the Gameboy soaps will cost you around $12. That might be a little expensive for soap, but when your washing your hands with a SNES cartridge of Super Mario Kart, then we’re sure you’ll feel the cost has been justified.

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