Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some more flashy for the more fashion conscious, to more conservative and otherwise boring-looking models which are either priced really cheap, or cater to the audiophile who don’t really care how their headphones look like, but are more concerned about the sound. In any case for those looking for more flashy type of headphones, perhaps this modded pair of headphones might be of interest to you. Put together by lyberty5, these headphones are modded using parts of an SNES controller, as you can see on the cups of the headphones.

One side will feature the D-pad, while the other will sport the colorful buttons that many have come to know and recognize. Unfortunately according to lyberty5, the headphones used are cheap headphones, so don’t expect amazing sound to come from them, but for the SNES fan, this might be worth collecting. At the moment it does not appear that lyberty5 has plans to sell his creation, but if you’re interested in checking it out, watch the video above where he takes you through the process needed to put the headphones together!

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