Al Alverson of Texas was expecting a package from FedEx earlier this week. When the package didn’t arrive, he decided to check his hidden surveillance camera to see who’s been playing rude. And to his shock, he found out that FexEd already delivered his package, which was actually an iPad mini that Alverson is planning to give to his daughter as a Christmas present.

He kept playing the recorded video, curious why his iPad went missing. Four hours after the FedEx delivery, a UPS guy stood at Alverson’s doorstep and delivered another package. Everything seemed normal until the UPS guy returned to steal the FedEx package with the iPad mini inside it. “I said, ‘oh my god,’ it is the UPS guy,” Alverson remarked.

Furious about what happened, Alverson contacted UPS for assistance, who was hesitant to help at first. But after posting the video on YouTube on Wednesday, UPS decided to help and immediately sent an investigator the next morning. After investigation, UPS tracked the suspect and the iPad was eventually returned by afternoon. Alverson isn’t pressing any charges because his package was returned.

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