iPhone 5S to launch in June 2013 with new camera, NFC and multiple color options [Rumor]

Just the other day we reported on an alleged leaked photo of the iPhone 5S, and whether or not those photos are to be believed, it looks like the iPhone 5S rumor mill may have just started turning. According to an analyst, Peter Misek, he believes that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S in June of 2013 with several hardware upgrades, such as a “SuperHD” display, improved camera functions and even NFC. He also states that he believes that the iPhone 5S will come with multiple color options, which we can’t help but think of the new iPod touch, and at the same time recall Nokia and HTC’s strategy with its Windows Phone devices.

We can’t help but feel that given that the iPhone 5 was released several months ago that it might be too early to start thinking about the next-gen iPhone, but it seems that Misek might not be alone in thinking that the iPhone 5S could see an earlier introduction, as earlier reports have stated that trial production of the iPhone 5S could begin as soon as the end of this year. We’ll take this with a grain of salt for now and suggest you do the same, but what do you guys think? Releasing an updated iPad less than a year after the third-gen iPad, and now possibly a new iPhone 5S also less than a year after the iPhone 5? It looks like Apple’s schedule is all over the place!

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