Do you think that the robot apocalypse will be upon us sooner than a zombie plague? I am not quite sure just which is worse, but I guess beating a rotting, albeit walking corpse up is a far easier task that dealing with pure metal. Imagine the kind of hurt that Obi Wan Kenobi went through when he fought man-to-machine with General Grievous…the thought itself is grievous unto me, pardon the pun. After all, zombies don’t really think, and given time, they rot more, so it is easier to dispatch them of their heads. Unfortunately for us, we do seem closer to ushering in a robotic apocalypse more than a zombie outbreak, no thanks to advancements like the Kenshiro robot.

This is a humanoid robot that comes with a skeleton and muscle setup – with the implementation of synthetic flesh and a decent working artificial intelligence down the road, we could be looking at a Data down the road without knowing it. Standing rather short at 5 feet and an inch tall, Kenshiro tips the scales at approximately 110 pounds. It was the brainchild of Yuto Nakanishi and a team of researchers at University of Tokyo, where Kenshiro recently debuted at the Humanoids conference in Osaka, Japan.

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