Rewind the clock by a few months to September, and you would have noticed that there was a rather huge meeting which was held in Redmond, Washington, and Microsoft’s full time employees were informed that they would eventually be on the receiving end of free Surface tablets. All the waiting (although I am quite sure that there were a few who have resigned since then) has finally paid off, as Microsoft team members have finally started to receive the free Surface tablet – making it an early Christmas for some.

In fact, a fair number of Microsoft employees resorted to Twitter to announce this good news, and one of them read as follows, “It’s Christmas in Redmond! We all get our surfaces today!” Apparently, those who are full time Microsoft employees in the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Austria, Ireland, Puerto Rico and New Zealand are part of the free Surface program. If you happen to earn your bread from Microsoft and do not live in any of the mentioned countries, be a wee bit more patient – sooner or later, you will get your hands on one.

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