When companies like Samsung and Amazon launched 7” tablets, Apple appeared to have stubbornly clung onto its belief that a 9.6” tablet was the way to go, but they soon looked like they were about to eat their words with the launch of the iPad mini a couple of months ago. Given that there are several 7” tablets in the market priced lower than the iPad mini, like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7, it would seem that Apple is late to the party, but according to mobile advertising firm, Millennial Media, a recently published report claims that Apple’s iPad mini is doing pretty well for itself and has outgrown Amazon’s Kindle Fire by 50% faster than when Amazon’s tablet was launched last year.

According to the company, impressions of the iPad mini grew at a daily rate of 28% in November, versus Amazon’s Kindle Fire which only grew at 19% a day last year. Based on this data, Millennial believes that Apple could be selling many iPad minis this holiday season, and even going as far as calling the tablet a “game changer”. Of course this study is by no means definitive, but it is pretty interesting considering that there are tablets out there with better specs and comes with a lower price tag, although perhaps Apple’s ecosystem was what helped the iPad mini gained the traction that it did.

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