As impressed as we were with the new iMac, it looks like early adopters may have something to be unimpressed with as they may not be able to run Boot Camp, depending on which iMac you pick up.

Some users are waking up to the fact that the 27″ iMac combined with the 3TB Fusion Drive is unable to Boot Camp, which allows Mac owners to run Windows on their computers which may be necessary for gamers and business users who absolutely need Windows to make full use of their Mac. Not that we reported on this iMac limitation  during the official launch, so this is not “news” for say, but it looks like a refresher is in order.

The issue lies with the 3TB Fusion Drive not being supported within Boot Camp as it only supports hard drives with 2TB of space or less. Apple is clearly aware of the issue and says “Boot Camp Assistant is not supported at this time on 3TB hard drive configurations,” in the support documents for the Fusion Drive.  We’re hoping Apple’s choice of words “at this time” means the company is working on a fix as its customers shouldn’t be deterred to pick up the 3TB Fusion Drive if they’re Boot Camp users.

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