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Apple Might Not Sell Its Apple Silicon Chipsets To Other Companies
Apple is making their own chipsets for use in their Mac computers, that much we know. However, this raises an interesting question because if Apple’s chipsets can rival or outperform those of Intel, would Apple consider maybe selling their technology to other companies who might want something similar for themselves?

New iMacs Could Be Released This Week
Apple has not refreshed its iMac lineup for quite a while now. It has actually been more than a year. We have been hearing rumors of a potential refresh, and it seems that the long-awaited refresh will apparently be happening this week. However, before you get too excited, there might be some disappointing news.

Want A New iMac? You’ll Have To Wait Until September To Get It
According to the rumors, it was initially suggested that Apple could have new iMacs to announce at WWDC 2020, but that obviously did not happen, although we can’t say we’re too surprised. However, it seems that there is a chance that a refresh could be taking place soon, or so we hope.

Unannounced iMac Spotted On Geekbench
Many were hoping that Apple would use WWDC as an opportunity to announce new iMacs. That did not happen, but it does not mean that the company will not be updating its iMac lineup. In fact, according to a sighting on Geekbench, it appears that Apple is testing out an unannounced iMac.


Redesigned 24-inch iMac Could Launch In Q4 2020
An earlier report suggested that Apple’s first ARM Mac computers could be an iMac. Now according to a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that this iMac could be launching in the fourth quarter of 2020 where it will come with a brand new design and a 24-inch display.

Apple Confirms Their Transition From Intel Processors To Apple Silicon
For years, it has been rumored that Apple was considering moving away from using Intel’s processors to their own custom creations based on the ARM architecture. It looks like those rumors have finally been proven true because at WWDC 2020, Apple has officially confirmed that they will be moving away from Intel’s processors to their own custom Apple silicon.

Apple’s Trademark Filing For ‘Rosetta’ Is More Evidence Of The Company’s Transition To ARM
The rumors are claiming that Apple is expected to make the transition from Intel x86 processors to ARM-based ones, similar to the ones used on their iPhones and iPads. The move makes all kinds of sense given Apple’s penchant for preferring to use their own tech, plus there is also the added benefit of ARM.

Apple’s ARM-Based Macs Could Be 50% Faster Than Intel Macs
At Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2020 event, the company could unveil their plans to eventually introduce ARM-based chipsets to their Mac computers. However, there is a legitimate concern as to how they might hold up against Intel’s processors which have been powering Mac computers for the past decade or so.

Apple’s First ARM Macs Will Be The 13-inch MacBook Pro, Redesigned iMac
According to the rumors, Apple is looking to transition from using Intel’s x86 processors to ARM-based processors. This would no doubt be a massive change for Mac users in the future, and as such, Apple is expected to make the transition slowly. We had initially heard that this could come in the form of the revived 12-inch MacBook.

Apple’s Next-Gen iMac Could Come With Support For Face ID
Apple’s Mac computers have gotten a rather bad rep over the years for sporting rather poor quality front-facing cameras, but that could change. According to a tweet by @blue_kanikama, it seems that Apple could be making some upgrades to the webcam on the upcoming iMac which could also come with support for Face ID.

Apple Will Start Accepting In-Store Trade-Ins For Mac Computers
Last week, it was reported that starting this week, Mac users who are looking to trade in theri Mac computers would be able to do so in-store and in-person. For those who have a Mac they’d like to trade in, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple’s physical stores will now be accepting trade-ins.

Redesigned iMac Icon Discovered In iOS 14 Build
We have been hearing rumors that after years of sticking to the same design, Apple could finally be ready to take the wraps off a brand new iMac. The new iMac’s design is said to borrow some design elements from the iPad Pro, meaning that we could be looking at more uniform and thinner bezels.

New iMac, Larger iPad Air And iPad Mini To Launch In Second Half Of 2020
According to the latest rumors, it has been suggested that Apple could announce a newly redesigned iMac at WWDC 2020. It turns out that Apple could potentially announce more than that, at least that’s according to a report from DigiTimes (paywall) which claims that Apple could launch a bunch of new products in the second half of 2020.

More Evidence That An iMac Refresh Will Be Revealed At WWDC 2020
Looking to pick up a new iMac? If you are, then you might want to hold off for a couple of weeks. This is because according to recent rumors, Apple is expected to unveil a refreshed iMac at WWDC 2020, where it has also been rumored that it could be undergoing a redesign with inspiration drawn from the iPad Pro.