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iMac Refresh Expected At Apple’s Spring Loaded Event Next Week
Apple will be hosting their Spring Loaded event next week. The rumors are claiming that the event will most likely see Apple introduce their long-rumored AirTags accessory and also new mini LED iPad Pros and a third-gen Apple Pencil. Adding on to the list of rumored product announcements is the iMac.

Future iPhones Might Not Even Come With Buttons
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could be developing an iPhone without any ports for the future. Now it seems that not only could we see a portless iPhone, but an iPhone that lacks any kind of visible buttons. This is according to a patent discovered by AppleInsider which suggests that Apple is exploring the concept of invisible buttons.

Apple Silicon iMac Could Feature A Display Larger Than 27-inches
The largest computer offered by Apple at the moment is the 27-inch iMac, unless you count the 32-inch Pro Display XDR hooked up to another computer like the Mac mini or Mac Pro. However, that could change in the future, according to a tweet by leakster @l0vetodream (private) who claims Apple could launch an even bigger model.

Latest macOS Beta References Two New iMacs
It is widely expected that Apple will be announcing new iMacs this year. This is because the company is slowly transitioning to Apple Silicon and the iMacs are some of the models that have yet to undergo that transition. Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but the latest macOS 11.3 beta has referenced two new models.


Apple’s 21.5-inch iMac Now Has Less Configuration Options
We expect that Apple will eventually get around to updating its iMac lineup, and if the rumors are to be believed, it could take place next month. In fact, there might be signs that Apple could be getting ready to do just that because according to reports, it appears that the 21.5-inch iMac just got a lot less options to choose from in terms of configuration.

The iMac Pro Has Been Officially Discontinued
So earlier this month, Apple announced that they would be discontinuing the iMac Pro. However, it wasn’t 100% discontinued yet because Apple was still selling the computer online, albeit it was limited as Apple was trying to clear any remaining inventory. For those who missed out, it looks like you’re out of luck.

Apple Could Use Randomized Serial Numbers For Future Products
Ever wonder how companies come up with serial numbers for your products? It might seem random, but there is usually a pattern behind it that can identify a product type, year it was made, configuration option, and so on. Apple has been doing that for a while now, but it seems that they want to change it.

The iMac Pro Has Been Discontinued, Still Available While Supplies Last
While waiting for the new Mac Pro to be launched (when Apple transitioned from the trash can design to the current design), Apple introduced the iMac Pro which was an all-in-one “pro” level desktop system for those who needed the space and computing power. However, it seems that the computer has since been discontinued.

YouTuber Creates The World’s First M1 iMac
Apple is expected to launch a new iMac in the near future that will be powered by its M1 chipset. However, a YouTuber by the name of Luke Miani could have beaten Apple to the punch by launching the world’s first iMac powered by an Apple Silicon chipset. How, you ask? By transplanting an M1 Mac mini into an old iMac.

The Mars Perseverance Rover Uses The Same Processor As Apple’s 1998 iMac G3
Before Apple made the switch to Intel processors, the company was actually using a series of processors called the PowerPC that was co-developed by Apple, Motorola, and IBM. These processors were used in a number of Apple products, including the colorful iMac G3 computers that some of you might recall from the 1990s.

Apple’s 2021 Redesigned iMacs Will Be Available In Multiple Colors
Apple’s products tend to go for a more monochromatic look. This has helped their products stay relevant in terms of design for long periods of time, but some have criticized it as being a bit boring and drab. However, the good news is that Apple could be looking to bring some of their old design languages back.

Redesigned iMac Could Sport Slimmer Bezels And Ditch The Massive Chin
For a while now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could finally give the iMac a brand new design. While there’s nothing wrong with the new design, it does feel a bit dated, especially with the massive bezels and the huge chin at the bottom. The good news, for those who are a bit sick of this design, is that Apple will be making some drastic changes soon.

Apple Silicon iMac Could Be Launched In March
Now that Apple has given its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini the M1 chipset, this leaves the iMac, iMac Pro, and Mac Pro. While we can’t speak for the latter two devices, it  seems that the iMac could be getting an M1 refresh in the near future, or at least that’s what leakster L0vetodream seems to imply.

Analysts Believe Apple Could One Day Introduce Hardware Subscriptions
Right now when it comes to buying a new Apple product, you’d have to buy it outright, or get it on an installment plan from a carrier if they’re selling it. You can also trade-in an older device and use the credit towards a new one. However, it seems that maybe in the future, Apple could consider introducing a hardware-based subscription.

How To Check How Much RAM Is In Your Mac
So you own a Mac and you find that it might be slowing down, so maybe it’s time for upgrade, but how do you check how much RAM you have to begin with? Check out our guide for the details.

$6.6 Million Worth Of Apple Products Just Got Stolen
While Apple products are expensive, they do hold their resale value especially if you take care of them really well, where even after a couple of years, devices like the iPhone can still sell for a bit of money secondhand. This is why they’re especially valuable for thieves who believe that they can fence stolen Apple goods.

Apple Says They’re Not Remotely Considering Touchscreen Macs
With every iOS and macOS update, it feels like Apple is one step closer to marrying the two operating systems, resulting in a series of devices that blend together the technology of the iPhones and Mac computers. With the launch of the M1 chipset, a chipset that’s based on the A-series found in the iPhone and iPad, it certainly feels that way.

Analyst Believe Apple Silicon Mac Computers Could Be Cheaper
Apple is expected to officially unveil their new Apple Silicon-powered Mac computers tomorrow, or at least some of the lineup. There are many questions that users probably have about the upcoming computers, like app compatibility and availability, performance, and also how much these computers could cost.

Apple Silicon iMac Concept Is The Stuff Of Dreams
Next week, Apple is expected to introduce their brand new Apple Silicon Mac computers, where the initial computers will be more focused on laptops, but eventually Apple will extend it to desktop computers like the iMac. We have heard rumors that Apple could also eventually introduce a redesigned iMac in 2021, which is something to be excited about.

Apple Confirms ‘One More Thing’ Special Event For November 10
It has been largely rumored that Apple will be hosting an event this month in which the company will officially introduce the world to its first Apple Silicon powered computers. This isn’t that much of a stretch to think that it’s true because Apple did previously confirm that they will be launching the computers by the end of the year.