When you think of Apple executives, you probably think they all use iOS devices and Mac computers, and when you think of Samsung executives, you probably think that they all own Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets or Galaxy Note 2s. Perhaps they’re obligated to use iOS or Android products, but shouldn’t it be that they should get to choose to use whichever product they think works best for them? Interestingly that’s what one Samsung executive did – Young Sohn, Samsung’s chief strategy officer who in an interview with the MIT Technology Review, admitted that he uses Apple’s products like the Mac, iPhone and iPad at home. He even goes as far as to praise Apple’s ecosystem like iCloud, claiming that it is more functional compared to Samsung’s own products which he calls “design-centric”. This in no way means that he finds Apple’s products to be superior, and we can only assume that by looking at some of the strengths of Apple’s products that Sohn and his team will be able to apply that to future Samsung devices. Both companies have their pros and cons and sometimes admitting that the competition might have a certain advantage over you is never the wrong way to go.

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