It looks like either come CES 2013 or MWC 2013, Samsung will have several new devices to show off to the world. According to the folks at SamMobile, they have received several tips on some upcoming Samsung devices which presumably will only debut next year. These new devices include a handset which has been dubbed Project J, a basic version of the Galaxy Note 2, and a 13.3” tablet that is said to give the ASUS Transformer a run for its money.

Starting with Project J, this is supposedly the next-gen Galaxy S device, presumably the Galaxy S4. We’ve heard several rumors of the Galaxy S4 in the past, although Samsung has officially denied one of them. Unsurprisingly the rumors are saying the Galaxy S4 will sport a quad-core processor, a 5” Full HD AMOLED display (which has been rumored to go in production come 2013), a 13MP camera and will run on the latest version of Android.

Next up is the basic version of the Galaxy Note 2 which Samsung is said to introduce to the European market. The specs are expected to be lower than the original Galaxy Note 2, but the point here is to get people to try phones with larger than average displays with what we can only assume will be at a more attractive price. There will not be SPEN functionality and the device’s display will not be using sAMOLED.

Last but not least is the 13.3” tablet which is said to compete with the ASUS Transformer tablet, although at 13.3” it sounds more like a laptop if anything. It is expected to feature a QWERTY keyboard dock, but SamMobile’s informant could not clue them in on what operating system it will be running on. However if they are hoping to compete against the ASUS Transformer, we expect it will run on Android. In any case since we haven’t heard about any of these devices before, save the possible Galaxy S4, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now, but in the meantime we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any evidence regarding any of the rumored devices above.

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