It was just yesterday that Motorola poked fun at the Samsung Galaxy S3, claiming that their Droid RAZR HD device performed certain tasks better, although prior to that Motorola released ads making fun of Apple’s Maps software. Now it looks like Samsung has decided that the recent mess with Apple Maps in Australia deserved to be highlighted and they have since released an ad (via CNET Australia) that made fun of the situation, claiming that this would never have happened if they had bought a Samsung Galaxy device – although to be fair any Android device with Google Maps would have sufficed.

For those who are wondering what the fuss is about, a few days ago the Victorian police released a warning to Australian drivers cautioning them not to rely on Apple Maps. This is due to Apple Maps pointing out the “wrong” location which led drivers to the middle of a national park and way off their destination. Apple has since released a fix but it seems that it might not have been entirely Apple’s fault due to the naming of the location.

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