One of the gripes I have about the iOS lockscreen is the fact that apart from being able to launch the camera app directly from it and some media controls, there’s not a lot I can do with it. It’s a different story with Android due to its customizability, with some lockscreens allowing user to launch a variety of apps directly from the lockscreen itself, or having the lockscreen display information like the weather which saves time from having to launch the Weather app AFTER unlocking our phone. While the future of iOS remains unknown, one concept cooked up by The Apple Core forum member, brentcas, is hoping to add more functionality to the iOS lockscreen.

Dubbed lockscreen cards, this is basically a concept where the time portion of the lockscreen is replaced by “cards”. These cards can potentially be anything, such as the default one that displays the time and date, and users can swipe in between these cards to access other information, like the weather, media controls and etc. According to brentcas, double-clicking the home button while viewing a particular card will bring up extra controls or information that is relevant to the card. For example when display the weather, double clicking could bring up the weekly forecast, or while navigating music controls, double clicking could launch the playlist and so on. Sounds promising – what do you guys think?

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