While China might have started off by copying Android smartphones and making low-priced knock offs, they certainly have come a long way with the introduction of high-end devices, such as the Xiaomi Phone 2. Unfortunately those devices are limited to the China market although the good news is that it looks like Xiaomi is interested in taking the party beyond China’s borders. According to Xiaomi’s newly created Facebook page, the company is looking to stop by several Asian regions first before its expansion into Europe, and these regions include Hong Kong and Taiwan. Basically if you know anyone living in either Hong Kong or Taiwan, or if you live in either places yourself, you might be interested to learn that users can enter a draw in which they can be chosen to help Xiaomi test a localized MIUI ROM ahead of its launch.

Word has it that Xiaomi could also be expanding to Singapore, although some believe due to the overwhelming demand of Qualcomm’s 28nm chipsets it is unlikely that the company will be able to meet their goal. Either way this is the first step in Xiaomi’s expansion plans beyond China, so we can only assume that it will be a matter of time before we start seeing Xiaomi’s handsets arrive stateside. After all Huawei and ZTE have done it, we don’t see why Xiaomi can’t, right? Anyone interested in getting their hands on a Xiaomi Phone 2?

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