$59 Xiaomi Mi Box S Can Stream 4K

Xiaomi is best known for making affordable devices that punch above their weight in the specs department. That’s the case with the company’s new media streaming box as well. The company has now launched the Mi Box S in the United States. It’s a $59 device that is capable of streaming 4K HDR content.

Black Shark 2 Gaming Phone Spotted At TENAA

Earlier this year the Black Shark gaming smartphone was launched. For those unfamiliar or unaware, we can’t say we blame you as this is a brand backed by Xiaomi over in China, which means that if you’re from the west then you might not have heard of it. However if you have, then it seems that the company is wasting no time in churning out a successor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Could Support 5G

Thanks to a photo uploaded the other day by Xiaomi’s President, the Mi Mix 3 was officially revealed as far as the design was concerned. It showed a pop out camera feature similar to what we’ve seen in the past from the likes of Oppo and Vivo. However now we might have another thing to look forward to.

Xiaomi’s Upcoming Mi Mix 3 Smartphone Will Feature A Popup Camera

The problem with phones sporting edge-to-edge displays is where would you house some of the components needed for the front part of the phone? This has resulted in the notch design which some seem to be okay with, while others have lambasted the companies that have adopted and perpetuated it.


Xiaomi Releasing $300 Snapdragon 845 Phone In 60 Countries

Xiaomi is already known for its affordable, feature-packed devices. The company has stuck with its strategy for competitively pricing devices that offer comparable, if not better, specs and features than other devices in their price range. Xiaomi launched a new sub-brand called Poco earlier this month to further improve its competitiveness in the mid-range segment. The first device it has launched under this sub-brand is the $300 Poco F1 that […]

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Goes Official With Snapdragon 845 For $300

Xiaomi has launched a new sub-brand to better compete in the affordable segment. It’s sticking to its strategy of offering impressive specs at an aggressive price point. Xiaomi today announced the Pocophone F1, a $300 device that ships with the Snapdragon 845, the same processor that you find in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9.

Xiaomi Mechanical ‘Game Keyboard’ Launched

Xiaomi make all kinds of products. While they might be known to many as being a smartphone maker, the company has dabbled in a variety of products across a variety of sectors, ranging from smart home devices, to bicycles, to drones, and more recently it looks like the company is getting into gaming peripherals with the launch of their own mechanical keyboard.

Xiaomi Hey+ Fitness Tracker Launched

A few months ago, Xiaomi announced their latest wearable in the form of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. If you thought that Xiaomi was going to wait until next year to debut another wearable, think again because the company has since launched another wearable called the Hey+ on Chinese crowdfunding website Youpin.

Xiaomi Launches A Smart Bin That Seals & Replaces The Trash Bag

Trash cans are pretty simple and straightforward devices. They are meant to house your trash. However it seems that Xiaomi has decided that maybe trash cans need upgrading and have since launched a crowdfunding page for a smart bin that will not only be capable of sealing your trash bags, but replacing them as well.

Apple Reportedly Commands 8% Of China’s Smartphone Market

While there are some markets in which Apple dominates in, there are others in which the company is struggling. A good example would be in China in which according to recent data shared by Counterpoint Research, has revealed the extent in which the competition is besting Apple in the country.

Xiaomi’s Transparent Phone Has A Fake Circuit Board

Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 8 Explorer Edition a couple of months ago. It immediately captured the attention of fans as the device has a transparent window at the back which shows the components arranged in a neat grid. It gave the impression that users could see the processor and other components of their handset at all times. It turns out that the circuit board seen through this window is actually […]

Xiaomi And Oppo May Be Working On Foldable Smartphones Too

With the smartphone industry having firmly adopted the bezel-less and notched display trends, it appears that the foldable form factor is the next in line. We have long heard rumors that Samsung has a foldable smartphone in the pipeline. The company is expected to release it next year and recent reports suggest that Huawei wants to beat Samsung to market with a foldable smartphone. It may not be the only […]

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi reportedly had two Android One smartphones in the pipeline and the company today unveiled both of them. The Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are now official. As they are part of the Android One program, the devices will provide a stock Android 8.1 experience. Since many customers prefer a stock Android experience, the company might see considerable interest in these handsets.

Xiaomi IPO Underwhelms In Hong Kong

It was long rumored that Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers based in China, would be going public. The company confirmed its intention to file for an initial public offering not too long ago. It finally made its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange but contrary to what one normally expects from IPOs of major tech companies, the Xiaomi IPO has been underwhelming so far.