If you were wondering what caused the Google Chrome service disruption yesterday, good news because we’re finally hearing an answer from a Google engineer. Explaining what happened on the Chrominium developer forum, software engineer Tim Steele says that the issues were caused by a problem on its Google Sync service. As you know, Google Sync is a web service from Google that synchronizes services across mobile devices and desktop programs. Google Sync supports Gmail, the Chrome browser, Google Calendar, and Google contacts.

It is basically Google’s answer to Apple’s iCloud. Steele added that its servers transmitted an error on Chrome, which caused the browser to shut down on the desktop. Yesterday’s crash was something different. Google prides itself for “sandboxing” Chrome, which, according to Google, prevents the entire Chrome browser from crashing. Yesterday’s service disruption reveals a flaw on Chrome. “That’s definitely a big and unusual problem because if the browser shuts down, that’s a failure of the whole model of Chromium itself,” one expert commented. Google has yet to release an official statement concerning the issues.

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