AT&T will not just be offering telecom services in the future as it plans to launch a home monitoring service to eight markets in March. Via press release, AT&T announced its intention to offer an Internet-based nationwide platform that will allow users to monitor and protect their homes using smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The company calls it “AT&T Digital Life, ” and it is basically an all-digital and wireless-based home security and automation service that will work regardless of wireless carrier or broadband provider. The AT&T Digital Life package includes cameras, windows and door sensors, smoke and motion sensors, door locks, thermostats, moisture detection and water shut-off, and appliance and lighting controls.

AT&T will be utilizing its workforce to provide 24/7 support so that it can respond to emergencies, such as alerting police and fire authorities. By using the app, users can customize a security and automation package based on their individual needs, and will have the ability to manage and control their services by setting up programs and alerts. After its debut in March, AT&T plans to expland the service to 50 additional markets this year. The pricing was not announced, but AT&T assures that they will be offering several options and a simple purchasing process for its customers.

“AT&T Digital Life is a game-changing wireless centric home security and automation experience with its unique integration and an intuitive app to control every feature from your smartphone, tablet or PC,” said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president, AT&T Digital Life.  “Combined with AT&T’s wireless network and unparalleled distribution channels, Digital Life will offer exciting new innovation. We can’t wait to get it into the hands of our customers.”

Image Source: CNN

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