We’re sure that some of you guys have seen signage in the train where they warn that the pulling of the emergency brake in non-emergency situations will most likely end up with you being slapped with a hefty fine, and probably a good telling off by the authorities. However this probably did not cross the mind of a thirteen year old boy from Dunedin, New Zealand, when he dropped his iPhone out of the train’s window while attempting to snap photos of the scenery. Naturally he panicked and did what came to mind – pull the emergency brakes so that he could get down and look for his phone. According to him, “I pulled the emergency thing that you only pull in extreme emergencies […] I just panicked and pulled.”

Now you would think that the authorities would be extremely annoyed by this seemingly frivolous act, but it seems that they weren’t too miffed and actually got down to perform a quick search for the phone. Unfortunately the first round yielded nothing, but they promised they would try again on the way back, and lo and behold, one member of staff actually found the phone undamaged and returned it to the boy. According to Taieri Gorge Railway chief executive Murray Bond, “Not the sort of thing we encourage, but this worked out nicely.”

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