There are benefits of using social networking sites. One of them is the connection it brings even when people are thousands of miles apart. Social media proved to be very nifty for 8-year old Eddie Hanzlin, who helped his neighbor, Clifford Boyson, locate his long-lost sister using Facebook. It only took a simple Facebook search for the second grader to trace Boyson’s older sister, Betty, now 70 years old. The boy typed Betty’s maiden name “Boyson” and eventually found the Facebook profile of Betty Boyson Billadeau.

“Well it’s so good to see you finally. How long have you been looking for me?” Betty asked. “A long, long, long time,” Clifford answered. Apparently the two were separated 65 years ago when they were placed in different foster homes as children in Chicago. Clifford has been looking for her sister for almost six decades. The two finally reunited via online chat using Apple’s FaceTime. The two are planning to reunite in Iowa this weekend.

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