The folks over at Bungie has decided to go out of their way to replace a defective Halo 4 copy for a fan, and to make things stranger, this was because the game that they replaced was not even one that they manufactured. After all, Bungie was the company that launched the massive Halo franchise that really gave the Xbox platform a lifeline in the world, and eventually parted ways with the company. Thing is, they stopped before Halo 4 came out, where that game was developed by Microsoft’s own team over at 343 Industries.

Still, it is not hard to believe that some folks could have mistaken Halo 4 for being a game released by the folks at Bungie themselves, which is why when Bungie received a letter from a certain “Timothy” recently, who complained that the Halo 4 copy he received for the holidays as a gift simply would not work on his Xbox 360. Well, the folks over at Bungie decided to send a Halo 4 disc to “Timothy” themselves. The spirit of giving is certainly not limited to just the Christmas season, is it?

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