Last year, Bungie started to give away free copies of its Destiny 2 game where it was apparently done in celebration of the game turning one-year old. However, we have to wonder if it could have simply been Bungie trying to feel out if maybe a free game could attract more gamers to it than if it was paid-for.

For those who missed the giveaway, you’re in luck because Bungie has since officially confirmed that Destiny 2 will now be a free-to-play title. For those who are unfamiliar, free-to-play is pretty much as its name implies, where it will be free to download and install and play, but the developer will instead earn money through microtransactions in the game.

This announcement was made during a livestream of the game’s upcoming expansion where the free version of Destiny 2 will henceforth be known as Destiny 2: New Light. It will be free along with all of its Year One content, but gamers will still need to pay for the Forsaken expansion and the annual pass.

According to Bungie, “Destiny 2: New Light: Alongside Destiny 2: Shadowkeep comes a new way for players to enjoy the game. Destiny 2: New Light is a brand new entry point for newcomers that puts the worlds of Destiny 2–and all of its foundational modes, activities, and rewards–into the hands of every player, with no barrier to entry. With Destiny 2: New Light, anyone can play Destiny 2, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s a la carte model is the first example of how we’re looking to deliver content to you in the future.”

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