[CES 2013] The Fujifilm S8200 and S8300 are digital cameras that are priced to hit a mid-range price point of $299.95 and $309.95 which makes them affordable for users who are looking for a good picture quality, including in low-light, a long-zoom and a good feature-set. Of course, those cameras won’t be a champion in any of those categories, but “performance for the dollar” is the name of the game here.

And on paper, things look rather good. With an aperture of f2.9-f6.5, those cameras should provide very decent low-light photography (at minimum zoom), and if you take into account that the Fujifilm S-Series uses a backside illuminated sensor (BSI), that helps low-light photography further.When looking at the specs, the slow-motion recording at 480FPS caught my eyes. It’s always fun to film drops and breaking stuff in slow-motion, and if you have some imagination, you should be able to come up with cool clips using that feature. When recording at normal speed, the camera maxes out at 1080i 60, which is definitely enough for a high-quality Youtube video, but not quite the best if you want to watch the video on a big TV.

Finally, the camera runs on four AA batteries: you may think that this is low-tech, but when you lose your fancy battery or charger during a vacation, it’s not always easy to find a replacement on-site. On the other hand, you’re just about certain to find AA batteries pretty much anywhere you can buy gas and food.

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