Earlier this year, Fujifilm launched its X-E4 mirrorless camera. If you were hoping to see more updates to the X-series lineup this year, prepare to be disappointed. This is according to a report from Fuji Rumors who claims that Fujifilm will not be launching any new models for the remainder of the year.

It is unclear why this might be the case, but for those who are hoping to see the X-T5, or X-H2, or the successor to the X100V, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be happening this year. In a way it’s kind of strange as Fujifilm has been pushing out new cameras almost on an annual basis, so for them to skip all major refreshes for 2021 is weird.

It is possible that the pandemic might have something to do with this. Maybe because people travel less, they don’t need a new camera, but that’s just speculation on our part. However, as Fuji Rumors notes, the X-T4 and the X-S10 are still great cameras and offer great competition in the market, so maybe there is no need for an update at this point in time.

That being said, we have heard rumors claiming that the X-H2 will be launching in 2022, so maybe a refresh of the X100 series and the X-T series could also be happening then, but we really have no choice but to wait and see.

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