Google has been making improvements to its Gmail web client over the past few months by allowing its users to compose their messages with a new pop-up method, boosting its search engine and other improvements and it looks like 2013 will be no different as they’re announcing some other improvements available today.

If you’re in the process of composing a message and you’d like to add a label or a star to it, in the past, you needed to first send the message to then go into your Sent folder to access the message you just sent, open it, and then add a label or a star to the message. Seeing as that’s probably a thirty-seven step process, Google has now made it possible for you to add a star or a label to your message while you’re in the process of composing it. The way to do this is by clicking the “more options” menu located towards the bottom right of the pop-out compose screen.

So there you have it, people who absolutely need to keep everything managed in their life. Now you have a simple process to label and star your messages before they’re sent out. Hopefully you use this knowledge for good rather than labeling all of your messages to your friends and family by ranking them from who you hate the most to least.

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