Kinectic LED Hats Are Just What The Fashion Doctor Ordered

We all would like to be the best dressed person in the room whenever we step into a party in full swing, and anathema to those who wear the same dress as you. Well, this fashion faux pas has happened in the past before, where such situations are not exclusive only to celebrities, but to normal folks like you and I as well. Well, one thing’s for sure, if you were to merge technology with fashion, you would have lowered the chances of that happening. Take for instance, in this rather exquisite collaboration with couture hat designer Philip Treacy, where Moritz Waldemeyer came up with a collection of kinetic LED hats for the Treacy’s catwalk show that took place at the Royal Courts of Justice.

The model is wearing a hat that spins right above her head, where the kinetic LED lights will then result in a magical halo effect. There is also another extraordinary (albeit impractical) piece that envelops the model in a net of light, ensuring that the human’s presence disappears in its entirety. Not too sure what I have to say about the latter, but the former is definitely eye catching in its own right.

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