So you think you have a tidy sum sitting in your bank account for you to spend, but are not quite sure on what new device you should splurge on? Perhaps we might be able to persuade you with the introduction of the Samsung Chalkboard TV, an 85-inch behemoth that looks more like a chalkboard than a TV itself. In reality, this $38,000 monster is their latest flagship S9 UHD (Ultra HD) TV which is available for pre-order in South Korea at 40 million won, translating approximately to $38,000 as mentioned above.

Apparently, only 77 units of these are available for pre-order at the moment, but it would be nicer to round up the figure to 85 in order to have it correspond with the number of inches, no? It is also interesting to note that Samsung might even have plans to roll out a 110-inch version of the chalkboard TV, and what kind of prices are we looking at here? $50,000 would not be out of the park, really.

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